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The core of Parnitha National Park can be accessed either by the main road Metochi-Agia Triada or by the cable railway, that starts from Metochi and after 1,700m ascent ends at the Hyatt Regency Casino Hotel (Mont Parnes).
Information: Recency Casino, tel: 0030 210-2421234

The city bus may also be used, route 714: PLATEIA VATHI-PARNITHA. From Monday to Friday, the route ends at Metochi. On weekends, it ends at the casino. Departure time:
Departure (Plateia Vathi):06.30, 14.30
Arrival (Metochi) : 07.35, 15.35
Departure (Plateia Vathi):06.40, 14.30
Arrival (Casino) : 08.10, 16.00
Departure (Plateia Vathi):06.30, 08.00, 14.30, 15.40
Arrival (Casino) : 08.10, 09.25, 16.00, 17.10
Information: Bus station at Mesonychi (Acharnes), tel.:0030 210-2405941

The buffer zone of the Park can be accessed by several points. In the area of Fyli, in W Parnitha, there is a main road and in E Parnitha, there is another main road leading from the area of Varympopi to Agios Merkourios, where anyone can reach Avlonas in N Parnitha.

Lodging in the National Park is available at the refuges of the two alpine clubsMpafi refuge:
Mpafi refuge: has 50 beds and a restaurant. It is managed by HAC Athens. Information: Stefanos Sidiropoulos, tel.: 0030 210-2469050, 0030 210 -2403556, 0030 6973-407471
Flampouri refuge: has two halls, the first can host 45 individuals on mattresses and the second has two rooms with beds for 10 people. Information: Ioannis Lykidis, tel.: 0030 210-2464666, 0030 211-6875018, fax: 0030 210-6810826 , cell: 0030 6972 256215

There is also a Chalet called "Kyklamina", at Agia Triada. It has 18 beds, a restaurant and a cafe. Tel.: 0030 210-2460874.

Finally, Regency Casino Mont Parnes is being renovated and the hotel will open soon.

Apart from Parnitha National Park there are numerous hotels, taverns and restaurants in the surroundings of the Park and especially in the Municipalities of Acharnes (Parnitha Avenue), Fyli, Thrakomakedones, Kyroneri, Ano Liosia, Avlona, as well as along the main road Varympopi-Agios Merkourios.




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  Forest Service of Parnitha
  Thrakomakedonon Ave.    142, Acharnes. GR13601
   Athens, Greece.

Tel.: 0030 210 2434061-3 fax.: 0030 210 2434064



  Eirini Aplada, Biologist-M.Sc. Environmental Biology and Terrestrial and Marine Ecosystem Management