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climberHiking is a very popular activity in Parnitha. Two climbing associations, along with the Forest Service of Parnitha have created a dense network of trails, that covers the whole mountain range. Numerous paths pass along springs, thick forests and pastures. There are many options, according to the altitude difference that someone intends to cover (0 -800m.), the distance (500-5,000m.) and the time needed (30- 6 hours). Several routes give the opportunity to observe different vegetation types: firs, pines, oaks, junipers, plane-trees, phrygana.

The most important trails are indicated either by simple red signs on rocks and trees or by red tapes or finally, by special signs for each path, such as red triangles, red squares, yellow rhombs etc. In this way, following the same shape and colour of the signs, one can find the path and follow it to its end.

Furthermore, there are two mountain refuges, one at Mpafi, owned by the Hellenic Alpine Club of Athens, and the other one at Flampouri, belonging to the Hellenic Alpine Club of Acharnes. Both shelters are available for resting and sleeping.

Information : Hellenic Alpine Club of Athens, tel.: 0030 210-3238706
Hellenic Alpine Club of Acharnes, tel.: 0030 210-2464666

The routes proposed here are depicted in this map:

The most important routes are :
1. AGIA TRIADA - SKIPIZA - MOLA. Start from the chapel of Agia Triada, follow a north course and pass through the Park's fir forest. Continue from the hill of Lagos (1,170m), Skipiza spring and end at the chapel of Agios Petros, in Mola. Easy to follow path, with excellent view towards West Attica and Thiva. Average time: 2 hours.

2. MPAFI REFUGE - KOROMILIA - SFAKIZA THRAKOMAKEDONES. From Mpafi refuge, follow east for c. 15 minutes the belt road to Mola. Continue downhill towards Kantalidi and Koromilia springs and then follow a south course until you reach Thrakomakedones. During this route you can see the fir forest, black pines, aleppo pines and maquis. It offers a variety of shapes and colours and an excellent view towards the Evvian Gulf, Mt Penteli and Saronicos Gulf. Average time: 3 hours.

3. MPAFI REFUGE - CHOUNI GORGE - THRAKOMAKEDONES. From Mpafi refuge follow Chouni gorge to the south. This trail goes through firs initially and pines thereafter. Following, it passes the rocks where the birds of prey living in Parnitha nest, and it ends in Thrakomakedones. This is the most travelled path of Parnitha. Average time: 2 hours.

4. FLAMPOURI REFUGE - CHOUNI GORGE - THRAKOMAKEDONES. From Flampouri refuge follow the existing forest road to the north for about 500 metres and then turn west and go downhill through the fir forest, until you meet the path coming from Mpafi refuge. Follow this path until Thrakomakedones. Average time: 2 hours.

5. AGIA TRIADA - KAMPERA NECK - AGIOS GEORGIOS KERAMIDI - AGIOS GEORGIOS STREAM - METOCHI. From Agia Triada follow the forest road to Fyli, until you reach Kampera neck. From that point and heading south, you will meet the chapel of Agios Georgios and the homonymous spring. The path goes through dense pine forest, oaks, myrtles, strawberry trees, etc., until Metochi. Average time: 2 1/2 hours.

6. METOCHI - KERAMIDI - TAMILTHI - PANAS CAVE - ARMA - MONI KLEISTON. Follow the same route to path No.5, to the opposite direction, until the chapel of Agios Georgios. Then go west, over the Koromilia-Kampera ridge and go downhill until Keladonas gorge, where the Cave of Panas lies. Continue downhill into the gorge and then go uphill the west side of the gorge, pass Arma summit and then go south, until Moni Kleiston. In order to pass through the gorge, climbing skills are necessary. Average time: 4 hours.

7. AGIOS KYPRIANOS - TAMILTHI - MPONTIAS STREAM - PETRALONA - PANAS NECK. From Fyli turn north until Tamilthi, go over the ridge, go downhill to Mpontias stream and then uphill towards Petralona. This trail meets Agia Paraskevi spring and then follows a forest road up to Panas neck and Platana spring. Average time: 4 hours.

8. FYLI - KELADONAS - PANAS CAVE - ARMA - MONI KLEISTON. From Fyli head north following the East side of Keladonas gorge; you will meet Tamilthi spring and then continue until the Cave of Panas. You shall see in front of you the steep slopes of the gorge and the precipitate flow of the Yiannoula stream. From that point on go west, pass the gorge at right angles, go uphill to Arma and then downhill until Moni Kleiston. Average time: 4 hours.

9. PANAS NECK (PLATANA) LOIMIKO - AGIOS NIKOLAOS - VOUTIMA - AVLONAS. From Panas neck go downhill through a dense fir forest initially and then through mixed forest of pines and broadleaved bushes, until you reach Loimiko. The path goes next to the Ancient Tower of Loimiko and continues downhill again, passes Agios Nikolaos and reaches the forest road of Voutima, which leads to Avlona. Average time: 5 hours.

10. MOLA - SALONIKI - AVLONAS. From Mola recreation ground head west through the firforest, junipers and broadleaved bushes, up to Saloniki plateau. From that point go NW, pass between the summits Myti and Skliro and go downhill until you reach Avlona. Average time: 3.50' hours.

11. MOLA - PALIOMILESI - SFENDALI. From the chapel of Agios Petros in Mola follow the forest road for 2 Km towards Saloniki and then go downhill N, in parallel to the stream of Paliomilesi. The path goes through dense fir forest, pine forest and maquis, it crosses pastures and springs with huge plane-trees and ends at Sfendali Railway Station. Average time: 3 hours.

12. MOLA - MESSIANO NERO - GKOURA STREAM - KATSIMIDI. From Agios Petros in Mola follow the belt road of Parnitha until the cross-section with the forest road of Messiano Nero. From that point go east, downhill to Gkoura spring and continue until you reach the taverns of Katsimidi. Excellent view towards the Evvian Gulf, Marathonas Lake and Tatoi. Average time: 2 hours.



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