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The intense relief of Parnitha forms in the south slopes of the mountain the gorges of Chouni and Agia Triada, as well as the Varympopi Rock. Further to the west, Yiannoula's stream begins its course from the area of Gkoura, passes through the Keladonas Gorge and ends to the valley of Aspropyrgos. The Gorge of Keladonas that was formed by the precipitate flow of this stream, is an excellent climbing field. All the formations mentioned above, are ideal for climbing and offer intense emotions.

The areas used by climbers are divided in two categories. Arma and Flampouri summits belong to the "High Difficulty School" and are ideal for difficult mountain's preparation, while Varympopi Rock belongs to the "Low Difficulty School" and is ideal for training of beginner climbers.

Several climbing schools of various alpine clubs are active in the areas mentioned. Apart from them, there are also some other climbing fields in Parnitha, such as Megalo Armeni in N Parnitha, Evraios Rock in S Parnitha, Alogopetra, Korakofolia, and Theodora's Rock in W Parnitha.

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